Why Choose AillenArtworks?

Aillen eats, breathes, and sleeps artwork, illustrations and creativity, and meeting his clients’ highest standards is his true passion. Every piece must be higher quality than the last as he pushes for unique ideas to come to full fruition. He is classically trained in American style artwork and looks up to illustrators like Mark Schultz, Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta and the Brothers Hildebrandt, who are not only fine artists but also commercial artists who created campaigns that were cutting edge at the time. Inspired by these great artists, Aillen strives for all his work to be the best that is possible for him. He has the drive, dedication, and a solid understanding of the importance of getting the work done on time and on budget. Plus, he is a total goofball.

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Web, Landing Pages and Email Burst

Graphic Arts and Book Covers

This is a small sample of the work I have done over the years.  I have created logos, email campaigns, flyers, press releases, advertisements, and interior illustrations for gaming books, just to name a few.

Recently I have been working on a lot of custom book covers and layout work for indie authors. I look forward to helping create the perfect cover and design for your book!

Science Fiction Artwork

Science fiction is one of my favorite genres to work with. I seem to specialize in black and white technical drawings—I like to see if I can create a sense of movement in something that is so detailed and precise.

Horror Artwork

I am a big HP Lovecraft fan, and there are times when you just have to let your nightmares out to roam around.

So if you have anything from axe-wielding fairies to zombies that needs illustration or just concept artwork, I would be happy to dive into my crazy brain and pull out those nightmares for you.

Fantasy Artwork

The genre is what I cut my teeth on when I started to draw, and it has a spot in my heart forever.  I love the Conan series, and Red Sonja, and those are the types of images I like to draw upon when I am doing this work.  I also have a large helping of Dungeons and Dragons added to the mix and you can see that in my work as well.