Hey everyone, welcome to the prints section of my website.  

All of my prints are 8.5 x 11 with a 8 x10 image area – easy to frame!  The paper is a sturdy 80 lb semi-gloss.  

Individual prints are $12.00, or purchase two or more for just $10.00 each. 

I am currently using an Etsy Shop as my sales portal, so if you see something here you like, just click through – thank you very much!

Superheroes and Characters 

  • Doctor Strange
  • Chibi Kirby style Hulk
  • I’m Batman
  • Mario Knight
  • Rebel Rebel
  • Pika Fett

D&D and Fantasy!

  • Chibi Sorceress
  • Dungeon Cleaners Union 57
  • Chibi Necromancers
  • Chibi Elementalist
  • Chibi Warrior 


  • Rocket Girl
  • Betty Wilma and Jane
  • Miss Martian
  • Lady Frankie

Odd Jobs Of HP Lovecraft

Have you ever wonder what Mr. Lovecraft did before he became the father of American Horror?  Well, these might be the jobs he did…

Velma Collection

  • Velma the Barbarian
  • Velma the Girl Wonder
  • Velma and Scooby
  • Steampunk Velma
  • Velma Lost In Space!