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High Quality

  • All of my prints are printed on 80 lb semi-gloss or full glossy paper.  Each one is placed in a 2mm magazine sleeve with a card stock backing for support.

Artwork For Us Fans

  • Each of my prints are a tribute to one or more fandoms in the geek community.

Always Something New

  • Thoughout the year I will be doing tons of new illustrations and cartoons, so every month there will be a whole new batch of prints for you to choose from.

Commissions and Freelance

  • I have 26 years+ experience creating illustrations, cartoons and graphics

I Work With You

  • Working in collaboration with authors and publishers, I provide advice and a creative eye to create a cover suited to the genre, characters and themes.


  • My clients are treated with the utmost professionalism in every way. A big part of this business is getting the work done on schedule – I am proud to say I have never missed a reasonable hard deadline in 26 years. 

Coloring Books For All Ages

  • Choose from a growing collection of coloring books and printable pages!

Downloadable Pages

  • Through our Etsy site, you can purchase copies of your favorite pages, then either print out or import into your coloring app.

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  • Order Little Monsters and Mythical Creatures on Amazon.com (only $6.95 each with Prime shipping!)

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